Integral waterproofing, salt solutions and oil products protection for the concrete/brick and other mineral structures and articles.

Waterproofing mix for concrete, — rock, — brick surfaces

Technical Directions 5745–001–54575429–2008

The fracture control of the concrete, – rock, – brick structures due to the water penetration in – depth and a reliable water–proofing maintenance of the structures said above are the problems to be urgently solved in all the construction branches. At present nobody makes no doubts of the need to waterproof the structures. Among the water — proofing materials the highest working characteristics were exhibited by the water — proofing materials of a penetrating effect which reactive additives protect the concrete 5–15 cm in — depth ensuring high concrete water – proofing and low temperature resistance. This protection differs from a smearing or roll water–proofing protection by the surface fractures non – formation and temperature — independent changes during summer or winter.

There exist more than 20 series of domestic or foreign water — proofings in Russia market and now the world quantity is more than 50. But a rapid growth of the construction industry, a newer technologies and materials application are promoting to develop some newer water — proofing materials capable to solve the problems for the series of the existing water–proofing materials of a penetrating effect the traditional water – proofing materials are unable to solve. Thus,

  • Plastic tubing application in the swimming pools or housing and public utilities constructions brought about the need for developing high – adhesive characteristics materials relative not solely to concrete but also to plastic ones.
  • Fire – safety precautions control restricted the application of traditional bituminous – polymeric materials to waterproof the joints and welds in the public buildings because of the fire dangerous solvents contents in these materials or the need to preheat them at high temperatures prior the application.
  • The need for the time restriction while repairing as well as the need to waterproof such permanent installation as bridges, viaducts, pump works, water – tanks, solvents and oil reservoirs having the concrete – metal joints and concrete – plastic joints exposed to the vibrations called for developing water – proofing mixes with a high adhesion performance relative to the concrete – metal, concrete – plastic joints as well as the vibration – resistant mixes which reactive additives could penetrate in the structure of concrete body from the material at maintenance.

The specialized water – proofing materials of Antigidron  series allow to solve the matter of the structure water – proofing in the construction industry for practical purposes:

Material Operation mechanism and 
the Mark performance
Antigidron  Mark 0–6 Water — proofing mix of an in–depth and cladding effect. The base material of Economclass  To waterproof the surfaces of the concrete, — rock and — brick articles.
Antigidron  Mark VL 50
“Water–proofing in repairing”
Water — proofing mix of an in–depth and cladding effect.
Material of Premium Class
To repair and waterproof the concrete, — rock, — brick surfaces dents and splits sealing and flattering operations included.
It features an increased hardness and resistance to cracking.
Antigidron  Mark 1 “Surface water–proofing” Water — proofing mix of an in–depth and cladding effect. Increased durability and manufacturability. This mark is specially developed to ensure a reliable water — proofing of the surface. The working mix distinguishes by its increased plasticity; it doesn’t run down from the vertical surfaces. The water — proofing layer is resistant to the surface cracking, scaling when treated. It has a good adhesion to different surfaces (to the concrete metal joints; rock metal joints; brick metal joints included). It withstands vibration loads, so it can ensure more durable water — proofing of the structures in — depth and temperature drops.
Antigidron Admix Mark 2
“Liquid concentrate”
Admix of a sealing effect. High — concentration chlorine–free liquid admix for the concrete and sand and cement mortars. This additive enhances the water — proofing, low temperature resistance and the strength, increasing thereby the concrete durability. This distinguishes by its total water solubility and it allows to add this admix to the concrete, — cement, — sand mortars (the composition for guniting including) jointly with the water addition or to use the standard mortar proportioning units for the admixes of the concrete mortar plants. This chlorine–free admix offers its application in the reinforced concrete.
Antigidron  Mark 3
“The water — proofing of the surfaces extended”
The water — proofing mix of in — depth and cladding effect, the increased durability and super technological effectiveness permits to smear the  on the surface mechanically or semi–mechanically. This mark is specially developed to waterproof the concrete, — rock, — brick surfaces. The work mortar is characterized by a durable survivability, super plasticity and economical consumption. It doesn’t run down from the vertical surface. It is smeared by a sprayer or roller increasing thereby the efficiency of labour three times or more. The water — proofing layer is resistant to the surface cracking and scaling when treated. It has a good adhesion to different surfaces and can withstand vibration loads.
Mark 4
The elastic water — proofing mix of in — depth effect having an enhanced cracking resistance and adhesion. A single component composition This one is specially developed to seams deformed and the cracks in the concrete, — rock or — brick exposed to thermal strains. To waterproof the joints in the materials said above with the metal or plastic surfaces. At present this is a unique single mix in the Russian market. It combines the elasticity and adhesivenss of rubber mastics and a penetrating effect. The chlorine absence offers the material application to seal the concrete, metal joints. The work mortar distinguishes by a high plasticity and it doesn’t run down from the vertical surfaces or the ceiling while sealing the joints. Manual or mechanical smearings. The Antigidron  has been applied; an additional water — proofing treatment isn’t recommended.
Antigidron Admix Mark 5 “Liquid hyper concentrate” The admix of a sealing and hyper plasticization effects The high — concentration chlorine — free liquid admix for the concrete, cement, sand mortars. It allows to obtain high — grade hydraulic concrete with a minimal water — cement ratio, resistant to water effect and to thermal drops; having enhanced water — proofing, low — temperature resistance and durability. High — flexibility concrete, cement, sand mortars used to manufacture water — proofing and low – temperature — resistant concrete and reinforced concrete articles by an efficient extrusion method. This admix distinguishes by its total solubility and added into the concrete, — cement, send mortars (the mix for guniting) jointly with the water addition or it allows to use the standard mortars proportioning units for the admixes of the concrete mortar plants. This chlorine — free admix offers its application in the reinforced concrete. 

The research company laboratory headed by Vladimir V. Bovt (the author and co — author of more than 20 patents) has been developing newer marks of the material to simplify their commercial application and enhance the construction structures protection extent.

The company experts have a rich experience in the water — proofing material application that varies in the installations of different designs: from garages and base premises to some hydraulic — engineering structures.

Antigidron doesn’t contain toxic components and doesn’t cause a harmful effect on a humane being or the environment and is fire — safety. It refers to the first group of the construction material (no limits in the application).

The Certificate

Antigidron  TD 5745–001–93578080–2007 as a water — proofing composition for the concrete, rock or brick is certified by:

  • Sanitary and Epidemiological Findings No (23.09.2008) (the application in the structures of house hold and drinking water facilities is permitted) ;
  • Certificate of Conformance № ROSS RU.SG43.N01826 of 22.09.2008.

Technical services

The articles delivery is accompanied by the Engineering Manual, the experts’ advice and the developments of a particular practical advice for a customer’s structure. The experts’ attendance of the construction sites is in practice. The technical maintenance is offered. To carry out some water — proofing operations as well as a repair and construction maintenance is feasible.

To ensure a proper customer application of the water — proofing mix of Antigidron  series, the concrete and mortar modifiers “Mobet” series and (other articles were manufactured simultaneously by “Biyskhimstroymetals” Company Ltd. and Antigidron  research and Production Company” Ltd.). The Regulations were developed for the repair, restoration, water — proofing and protection of the concrete, — rock, — brick structures as well as for the modification of the concrete characteristics and the mortar properties on the basis of the articles manufactured by the Antigidron RPC Ltd. and “Biyskhimstroymaterials” Co. Ltd. (R 54575429–01–2008).

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