Antigidron Admix Mark 2 "Liquid concentrate"

Liquid high – concentrated chlorine - free Admix with a sealing effect is used to enhance water-proofing, low - temperatures - resistance and the strength of the concrete - and cement - sand mixtures

Technical Directions 5745-001-54575429-2008

Antigidron Admix Mark 2 – "Liquid concentrate" is an admixture for the concrete-, cement and sand - mixtures. It is totally diluted in water and allowed to be added in the concrete-, cement-sand mortars (the mixes for quniting included) together with the water addition or usage of standard units for the Admix proportioning in the cement mortars plants (for the case of automatic manufacturing of the concrete - and cement - sand mortars(the mix for quniting included). As the Admix is chlorine - free it can be used for reinforced concrete.

Antigidron Admix Mark 2 – "Liquid concentrate" is used at the step of concrete-, or concrete - sand mortars preparation. It is added into the concrete - or cement-sand mortars.

This Admix is a liquid.

Antigidron Mark 2 – "Liquid concentrate":

  • ensures a high low - temperature resistance (350 cycles and more);
  • ensures a high water - tightness (140 m water column and higher);
  • increases the strength (more 10MPa);
  • increases the concrete – and cement - sand articles resistance to the aggressive liquids (salt solutions and oil products);
  • ensures high manufacturability and productivity;
  • chlorine - free.

According to GOST 24211–2003 "Antigidron" Mark 2 – "Liquid concentrate" refers to the groups of Admixes:

  • 2.3 - the Admixes, diminishing permeability (due to water – tightness/mark dependence), an additional effect is an enhanced concrete strength to the aggressive media attacks.
  • 2.5 - the Admixes, increasing low - temperatures resistance (an enhanced strength under the conditions of multiple freezing - thawing rotations), an additional effect – an enhanced concrete strength.

This Admix is used for repairing and building:

Basic Technical Data
1. Water - tightness increase from Mark W2 to Mark, not less W 14
2. Low - temperature resistance increase from Mark F50 to Mark, not less  F350
3. Compressive strength increase, on Mpa, not less 10
4. Admix consumption, l/m 3 (concrete) 4-6

Shelf life Warranted is 2 years.

Directions for use

Antigidron Admix Mark 2 – "Liquid concentrate" is applied at the step of mixing concrete or concrete – sand mortars.

Antigidron Admix Mark 2 – "Liquid concentrate" and water are poured into the concrete mixer jointly, or otherwise to carry out this operation the standard Admix mortar proportioning of the concrete agitator plants are used. The average consumption is 4-6 l/m3 of the concrete or cement – sand mortars dependent on the water – tightness and low – temperatures – resistance indices required.

If the concrete or concrete – sand mortar is transported to a consumer by a concrete – delivery agitator trucks then Antigidron Admix Mark 2 – "Liquid concentrate" can be directly added into this concrete agitator plant. Hence, the mixing time for the mortar and the Antigidron Admix Mark 2 – "Liquid concentrate" should last not less than 5 min.

The Antigidron Admix Mark 2 – "Liquid concentrate" is compatible with all admixes for the concrete and construction mortars according to GOST 24211‑2003, the additives reducing density excluded. To enhance the result in applying Antigidron Admix Mark 2 – "Liquid concentrate" it is recommended to use it with the additives plasticized simultaneously and then to keep the water – cement ratio not higher than 0.4.

Safety precautions

Antigidron is nontoxic, fire – and explosion – safety but it contains some salt ingredients that can cause a skin irritation.
One should observe the standing Safe Precautions for the plastering works on the cement- sand mortars – base while handling this mixture:

  • use rubber gloves;
  • put on protective eyeglasses;
  • If the mix hits on the skin/eyes, rinse thoroughly with a plenty of water and in a serious case you should consult a doctor.
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