Antigidron Admix Mark 5 "Liquid concentrate"

Liquid concentrated chlorine – free admixture of sealing and plasticizing, water – reduction action for the increase of water — frost – proofingand strength of concrete and cement – sand admixtures.

Technical Directions 5745–001–54575429–2008

Antigidron Admix Mark 5 "Liquid concentrate" is a admixture for concrete and cement – sand admixtures of  sealing action. In addition it contains a high quality hyperplastificator. It is completely soluble and it allows to add an adduct into concrete and cement admixes (including admixes for uniting) together with water of tempering or with the application of standard joints of adduct admixes dosage at automatized concrete and cement – sand admixtures and expels the possibility of portioning units clogging. The absence of chlorine allows to use an adduct for concrete cementing.

Antigidron Admix Mark 5 "Liquid concentrate" is worked our for obtaining:

  • Water and temperature overfall — proofing of the highest quality hydrotechnical concretes with minimal water proofing ratio possessing the increased waterproofing, frost–proofing strength;
    • High–movable
    concrete and cement – sand admixes used to manufacture water and frost–proofing concrete and iron–concrete constructions by the efficient extrusion method.

Antigidron Admix Mark 5 "Liquid concentrate":

  • Provides high frost–proofing (400 cycles and more);
  • Provides water–proofing (140 m of water column and higher);
  • Provides the concrete strength for 10MPa;
  • Increases concrete and cement – sand constructions strength to the aggressive liquids (salt – solutions, acids, oil products);
  • Possesses the hyperplasticizing effect (increases the concrete and cement – sand admix mobility more effective than an ordinary sulphate plasticizer and allows to diminish water–cement strength);
  • Provides high adaptability to manufacture and labour productivity.

Application of  Antigidron Admix Mark 5 "Liquid concentrate" allows:

  • To obtain a high quality concrete of the mark W14 F400 and higher;
  • To diminish the water consumption per 15–25% at keeping the admix mobility and enhance the admix mobility of the mark P2 till P5 at a constant amount of water;
  • To decrease a cement consumption per 10–15%;
  • To reduce time or entirely exclude a vibration or heat treatment.

Antigidron Admix Mark 5 "Liquid concentrate" is used:

- at repair and construction:

pumping stations, and mines, chimneys, water retaining structures, cooling towers, swimming pools, sport ice arenas, channels, rectification constructions, chemical wastes depositories, sewage and water treatment plants, damps, bridges, drain collectors, basements, cellars, ovellappings, floors, sanatory engineering and baths, garages and ete.

- at production hydrotechnical applied for manufacturing high quality concrete:

edge stone, pavement tiles, blocks, plates of ceiling, columns, piles, shaft rings, and other concrete and iron — concrete constructions.

Basic Technical Data
1. Increase of water–proofing with a mark W2 from mark to mark, not less W 14
2. Increase of frost–proofing with a mark F 50 till mark, not less  400
3. Increase of compressive strength for on MPa 10
4. Increase of (ease laying uncrease) with mark P2 till mark, not less   P5
5. Consumption of adduct, n/(m3 of concrete–mix) 5–6

Warranty – 2 years.

Directions for use

Antigidron Admix Mark 5 "Liquid concentrate" is used at the stage of preparation of concrete and cement–sand admix.

Antigidron Admix Mark 5 "Liquid concentrate" sets into a concrete mixer in mixing together with water tempering or after water tempering, for instance, with the standart unit of concrete admix plants. The recommended consumption makes up 6 lr for 1 m3 of concrete admix (consumption may be decreased or increased for 2 l depending on the required indices of water and frost concrete proofing and concrete admix mobility).

If concrete or cement – sand admix is delivered to a consumer by automobile transport, equipped with a concrete agitator and it takes for a consumer 20 minutes of loading into auto transport equipped with a concrete agitator before unloading the admix, the Antigidron Admix Mark 5, "Liquid hyperconcentrate" can be directly set in such a concrete agitator right after the admix unloading into it. In the case of the exact loading one must provide the correct consumption of Antigidron Admix Mark 5 "Liquid hyperconcentrate".

Antigidron Admix Mark 5 "Liquid hyperconcentrate" is compatible with all additives for concrete and building admixtures, corresponding To GOST 24211 в 2003 except of the seals failure (diminishing sealing density) of additives, in particular, air intaking additives. To strengthen the effect of Antigidron Admix Mark 5 "Liquid concentrate" it is recommended to keep water – cement ratio not higher than 0.4.


 Antigidron is nontoxic, flame and explosion — proof but does not contain solt products which may cause a skin irritation.

 While working with an admix you should observe safety precautions at plastering works with cement — sand admixtures:

  • use rubber gloves;
  • put on protective eyeglasses;
  • if the mix hits in the eyes or the skin, rinse them thouroughly. In other more serious cases consult a medical expert.
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