Antigidron Mark 3 "The extended surface water - proofing"

Water - proofing  mix  of the in-depth action with the cladding effect of the increased durability and supermanufacturability for the application on the concrete, rock, brick of large area surfaces by mechanically and half mechanically smearing

Technical Directions 5745-001-54575429-2008

Antigidron Mark 3 is specially worked out for surface smearing by a sprayer or a distributing roller. Antigidron  provides a higher efficiency compared with the ordinary water - proofing  mortars smeared with a brush or a spattle.

  • The efficiency (the working mix Antigidron Mark 3 is smeared by a spayer or a distributing roller providing the increase of the efficiency in more than 3 times);
  • Durability (protection layer of Antigidron Mark 3 has an increased strength of adhesion to homogenions and heterogenions surface treated not yealding to the crackforming and peeling and possesses the enhanced effect of crack selfcuring, It does not yeald to  fast overdrying);
  • Adaptability to manufecture (the working Antigidron Mark 3 is extremely plastically, it resists to slipping  from vertical surfaces. Antigidron is specially worked out for smearing with a sprayer and a distributing roller. The open-time is increased – after water adding with Antigidron  Mark 3 one can work not less than 2 hours).

Antigidron  is applied to waterproof concrete, rock, brick and other porous building materials of mineral origin as a surface coating. One can use it both with an old and fresh concrete. It “cures” the constructions; stops water filtration and its deterioration strengthens the surfece, enhances water and frost proofing. It increases the construction resistance to the influence of corrosive liquids (salt solutions, acids, oil products), durability and wear resistance of materials. It can be smeared on the internal and external construction surfaces. It can be used for floating with cement and providing water and frost proofing of cement rods and floors in bulk.

Antigidron  Mark 3 after water addition can be used for 2 hours, diminishing labour – consuming that allows:

  • to apply mechanized method of Antigidron preparation;
  • to prepare a mortar of a large quantity and decrease tehnological intervals needed for Antigidron preparation;
  • to perform the delivery of the prepared Antigidron at comparativly remote sites of the object.

It has a good adheseon to joints of metal-concrete, metal-rock, metal-brick. It is vibration - proof.

It is worked out for application at repairting and construction of the large area objects:

Hydro power stations, dams, embankments, shipping locks, mooreges, bridges, viaducts, iron-concrete road coatings, drain collectors, concrete water lines, channels, pumping stations, mines, tunnels, subways chimneys, hydrotechnical constructions, water reservours, swimming pools, ice sport arenas, cellars, precipitation tanks, fountains, basements, foundations, stores, productional rooms and etc.

Basic technical data of the Antigidron Mark 3
1. Waterproofing, mark, not less W 14
2. Frostproofing, cycle,not less 350
3. Compressive strength, MPa, not less 30
4. Adhesion to concrete, MPa, not less 2.4
5.Concrete setting time, begining, hour, not earlier than 3
6. Consumption on plane surface in one layer, kg/m 3 0.5

Shelf – life warrantied

  • in paper sacks – 12 month;
  • in airproof polyethylene sacks – 2 years.

Directions for use

1. Surface preparation

Surface preparation serves for the access of opening for active mixtures in the porous and capillary system of mineral structure constructions. 

REMEMBER: It is impossible to obtain a reliable water - proofing with a poor quality surface preparation!

Loose and of the destroyed structure material of concrete surfaces must be removed with the help of a pick hammer, perforator, sand and water-jet brushes, scrapers and brushes with a metal bristle and etc. Oil contamination of a small depth and area can be removed with a solvent, acetone – 645 and etc. The solvent should be smeared on dirty places with a brush, sponge  or another method and after cure it is to be removed together with contaminations with sponge, cleaning cloth, any other material or with an absorbing solvent. Oil contaminations of the depth higher 3 mm or of large area are mechanically removed.

REMEMBER: Water - proofing Antigidron  is smeared as a water solution therefore the surface treatment needed must be well watered and it must not have any air – repellent sites.

Bare metal fixtures surface of filling elements, pipes of other constructional metal elements (if available) is cleaned off from loose remains of concrete, cement – sand Antigidron and loose rust. There is no need to clean the reinforced surface layer and to polish a metal surface.
Cracks of 0.5 mm width are braced with a pick hammer or a slitting - tool “healthy body” with the depth of a slit of 20 mm and 20-25 mm width.
Under waret - proofing of new constructions a cement suspension is mechanically removed from the surfaces.
The surfaces is cleaned from dust.

ATTENTION: The period of time from the termination of contamina-tion cleaning till the Antigidron  smearing is to be not more than twenty four hours..

2. Preparation

Pour the powder Antigidron Mark 3 into a tank of amount which may be consumed for 120 minutes. To pour with drinking water of amount of 0.3?0.4 l for 1 kg powder Antigidron at mixing in two steps.

Here it is recommended first to add a minimal water quantity prescribed and powder Antigidron is to be mixed till the homogeneous state.

Then the Antigidron should to be set for 5-10 minutes at mixing from time to time and if it is necessary to add water to the needed viscosity not higher the required amount.

ATTENTION a considerable water increase while adding decreases maintaince characteristics.

3. Antigidron  smearing

The prepared surfaces must be moistened till the water saturation and then chips, dints, recesses, cracks, joints, seams, bare reinforcement are treated with a brush by Antigidron . The brush used for smearing Antigidron  must be rigid without leaving hairs. The consumption of Antigidron Mark 3 at smearing with a brush depends on the treated surface makes up 0.6?0.8 g/m2 at the layer thickness not more than 0.5 mm.

Not earlier than 2 hours after the brush treatment dints, clips, recesses, seams are to be filled with the repair mixture Antigidron-VL50 before smearing the repair mixture, the surface must be moistened with water till the complete saturation. In 5 hours after smearing of the repair mixture one starts the surface treatment.

Before smearing Antigidron the surface is moistened with water till the saturation. The Antigidron is smeared on the moistened surface with a roller or a brush without leaving hairs. The consumption of Antigidron depends on water pressure.

Water pressure, MPa The quantity of layers being smeared
Not available In one layer with 0.6 - 0.8 kg/m2  consumption
Less than 0.2 (in most cases) In two interperpendicular layers with the total consumption of 0.9 – 1.2 kg/m 2
0.2 and higher (till 1.2) In three layers (each the next perpendicular to the former) with the total consumption of 7.8 - 2.4 kg/m 2

New (second, third) layer is smeared in 5-6 hours after the former one with the  preliminary surface wetting till the complete saturation for 1-5 minutes before concrete - Antigidron smearing.

Under durable application of  Antigidron  concrete-mix for the recover of plasticity the working concrete - mix must be regularly  mixed, but without water addition.

4. Protection and maintenance

After the smearing of concrete-mix at air humidity less 50% of the treated Antigidron  surface should be wetted for forty - eight hours.

ATTENTION! One must not allow overdrying of the treated Antigidron  surface for the first twenty - four hours!


Don’t carry out the works with Antigidron - Mark 3 at the temperature lower 5°C if the temperature is falling down lower 5°C at the first twelve hours from the moment of the supposed application of concrete - mix.
Don’t carry out the work with Antigidron at the temperature higher 40°С.


Antigidron  is nontoxic, fire and explosion - safety but has also low - alkali properties that can cause skin irritation.
The standing orders for safety precautions in the plastering works must be observed:

  • use rubber gloves;
  • put on protective eyeglasses;
  • if the mix hits in the eyes or the skin, rinse them thouroughly. In other more serious cases consult a medical expert.