Antigidron Mark 4 "Seaming"

Elastic hydroisolating concrete-mix of pearcing action with the increased cracks proofing and adhesion to sealing of concrete, rock and brick joints

Technical Directions 5745-001-54575429-2008

Antigidron Mark 4 "Seaming" — a new class of hydroisolation concrete - mixes. One component of concrete-mix is specially worked out for sealing joints the above mentioned materials with metal, plastic and glass surfaces exposed to temperature, shrinkage and other deformations. It combines elasticity typical for mastics and the properties with the penetrating hydroisolation. It allows sealing one joint in one step. The absence of chlorine allows applying the material for sealing concrete joints of with metal.

    It has:

  • elasticity (the concrete-mix maintains cyclic deformation of the compression expansion, bending, torsion of the building constructions after taking off the loading, capable to restore spontaneously to its original size);
  • crackproofing (concrete - mix is strengthened by microdressing);
  • adhesion to substrate (strongly adheres to the concrete, stone, brick surfaces and to the joints of the above mentioned materials with metal and plastic surfaces);
  • manufacturability (working concrete-mix of Antigidron Mark 4 "Seaming" possesses high plasticity and therefore does not slip while sealing seams an the vertical surfaces and ceiling. It may be prepared and smeared with the help of  a shneck mixer; it does not require the preliminary surface drying out and it doesn’t require an additional treatment by the penetrating hydroisolation);
  • safety (apart of mastics, possessing the same high deformation properties, Antigidron Mark 4 "Seaming" does not contain organic solvents and does not require the fire dangerous stage of high temperature heating before application);
  • durability (microdressing elasticity and the strengthened adhesion substrate and provides the increased water action proofing, negative temperature and deformation action of concrete-mix).

It is applied to waterproof  seams and cracks in the concrete, - rock, - brick constructions and other porous building materials of mineral origin under cyclic deformations. It can be used both with an old fresh concrete and it is specially suitable for hydroisolation of seams and cracks (after cutting) of 50 mm width at relative values of temperature, setting and other deformations to 7%.

It "cures" seams of constructions: stops filtration of water and its destruction, strengthens the surface, increases water and frostproofing. It also increases seam resistance of constructions to the aggressive influence of liquids (salt solutions, acids), durability of materials.

To apply Antigidron  Mark 4 "Seaming" it is enough to add some water.

Basic technical data of the Antigidron Mark 4
1.Water - proofing, mark not less W 12
2. Frost - proofing, cycles, not less 350
3. Adhesion to concrete, MPa, not less 4
4. Relative elastic restoration, %, not less 75
5.Consumption for joint 1 dm 3 /kg 1.6


  • in paper sacks — 12 months;
  • in airproof polyethylene sacks — 2 years.

Directions for use

1. Surface preparation

The joint surface before mix smearing should be thoroughly cleaned from contaminations till "healthy" concrete.While repairing old constructions one should remove the loose destroyed structure material, chips and other inorganic contaminations mechanically with (scrapers, the emery, wire rounds) or to wash off. Organic hydrophobic contaminations are removed with solvents (oil, white spirit and etc.) or they are removed mechanically together with contaminated concrete.

Cracks, changing the value of opening due to temperature, shrinkage or other deformations should be opened with the slitting tool of a cross-section batter, depending on water compression and changing of opening:

Water pressure, MPa Cross-section (width-depth), mm under changing of the opening value
till 1 mm including from 1mm till 1.5 mm from 1mm till 2 mm from 1mm till 2.5 mm
is not available or less 0.2 (most of cases) 20x20 30x30 40x40 50x50
0.2-0.6 20x30 30x45 40x60 50x75
0.6 and higher (till 1.2) 20x40 30x60 40x70

The above mentioned dependence is also used under to waterproof the joints deformed.

2. Preparation

Pour Antigidron  in an amount which can be consumed for 90 minutes after tempering it with water. Add water and mix stirring the mixture till the homogeneous mass consistence of plastiline (it requires 0.3-0.34 l of water for 1 kg of powder). Under simultaneous preparation of large volumes of Antigidron  it is recommended to use a mixer for too tough media, or a mixer of a shneck type. In 3-5 minutes of mix mixing after homogeneous mass forming if needed, one should add water till working consistence of mix, not exceeded of the ratio water/Antigidron  as prescribed.


  • considerable increasing or decreasing of water while tempering lowers maintenance  characteristics;
  • at first the powder completely absorbs water and after 3-5 minutes of mixing with powder and stirring it must be kept damp till plasticine consistency.

At durable application of tempering "Antigidron" an additional mixing of mix for plasticity restoration is needed, but  one must not add water.

3. Antigidron  smearing

Before smearing the surface of a joint is moistened with water till full saturation. Tempering of a joint is carried out both manually and mechanically using metering device of a shneck type. Antigidron  in joint should be sealed to provide a hermetic mix contiguity to all walls of the joint. Then Antigidron  in the joint is smoothed out with a pallete - knife flush till a contiguity joint surface. The surface to be smeared is moistened with water till a full absorbsion. In case of some a difficulties at Antigidron  smearing the treated surface is additionally moistened without water addition into the prepared mix.

4. Protection and maintenance 

After joint sealing its surface as well as the surface for 10-20 mm width directly directly adjacent to the joint filled with Antigidron  at the air humidity less than 90% the surface should be moistened by a pulverizer for 48 hours not less than two times in a twenty four hours.

ATTENTION! It is forbidden overdrying of Antigidron surface for the first twenty four hours.

  •  Don’t carry out the works with Antigidron Mark 4 at the temperature lower 5°C if the temperature is falling down lower 5°C at the first twelve hours from the moment of the supposed application of concrete-mix.
  • Don’t carry out the work with Antigidron at the temperature higher 40°C.
  • Don’t carry out the works with Antigidron  in open air and rain

Safety precautions

Antigidron  is nontoxic, fire and explosion - safety but has also low - alkali properties that can cause skin irritation.
The standing orders for safety precautions in the plastering works must be observed:

  • use rubber gloves;
  • put on protective eyeglasses;
  • if the mix hits in the eyes or the skin, rinse them thouroughly. In other more serious cases consult a medical expert.
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