Antigidron Mark 1 "The surface water – proofing"

A water – proofing mix in – depth of a cladding effect with an enhanced durability and manufacturability for concrete, rock and brick surfaces

Technical Directions 5745-001-54575429-2008

Antigidron Mark 1 is a newer level in water - proofing materials group ensuring:

  • Durable quality (the protective layer of Antigidron Mark 1 adheres stronger to the homogeneous and heterogeneous surface being treated; insusceptible non - exposed to cracking and crumbling and it has an increased effect of “cracks selfcuring”);
  • Manufacturability (a working mix of Antigidron  Mark 1 is more ductile, non - exposed to sliding down the vertical surfaces, it can be applied by a gunite way; less exposed to premature overdrying).

This mix is mostly suitable to waterproof the surface of old and new concrete, rock, brick structure and other mineral porous building materials:

  • Having the joints of homogenous and heterogeneous surface (concrete – metal, brick – metal, etc.).
  • Exposed to the vibrations in service;  
  • If increased requirements to the protection level and durability of a water - proofing coating are needed.

Antigidron  Mark 1 after water addition is permissible to be used for 1 hour and this diminishes labourcosts and enables:

  • To prepare the mix mechanically;
  • To prepare a large quantity of the mix;  
  • To transport the mix prepared to the distant building sites.

Antigidron  Mark 1 distinguishes a good adhesion to the joints of metal – concrete, metal – rock, metal – brick – bases, etc.

The mix doesn’t contain toxic constituents and doesn’t have a harmful effect on a human being and environment, the mix is fire – safety.

Basic Technical Data
1. Water tightness, mark, not less W 14
2. Low temperatures – resistance, cycles, not less 350
3. Compressive strength, MPa, not less 30
4. Adhesion to concrete, MPa, not less 2.4
5. Setting Time; beginning/completion, hour 1/6
6. Consumption when smearing over the plane surface in a layer, kg/m 2 (by brush) 0.8

Shell life warranted:

  • in paper sacks for 12 months;
  • in airproof polyethylene sacks for 2 years;

Packaging in polyethylene bags (5 kg) is available. Transport packaging in a sack (25 kg/5 bags) is available.

Directions for use

1. The surface pre – treatment

The surface pre – treatment permits the Antigidron  reactive chemicals to penetrate into the pore and capillary tracks of a mineral structure.

REMEMBER: the surface pre – treatment of a poor quality impairs the water – proofing reliability!

РTake off the loose and structure  - broken material of the concrete surface using a pick – hammer, perforator, sand – blasting/water – jet brushes, scrubbers, wire brushes, etc.

The oil contaminations of small depth and area can be cleaned by a solvent (Nefras, acetone, solvent 646, etc.). Spread a solvent on the site contaminated by a brush, sponge and alike ones, set the solvent for 0.5‑2 min. and then remove it together with a dirty sponge, waste or the similar ones. The oil contaminations of more than 3 mm depth and large area should be cleaned mechanically.

REMEMBER: as water - proofing mix Antigidron  is applied as a water solution, hence, the surface to be treated should be well wetted and without water-repellent sites!

Clean the bare metal surface of the reinforcements, backing parts, tubing or other structure metal parts (if available) from the loose concrete residues, remainders of cement-sand mortar and loose rust. To derust the strong rust surface layer and polish the metal surface is of no need.

Brace the cracks of more 0.5 mm width by a pick-hammer or a slit-tool to “a sound body” with a silt depth of 20 mm and the width of 20 mm.

Remove the cement suspension mechanically from the surface at water-proofing newer structures.

The surface should be dust-free.

NOTE: time interval from the surface cleaning completion to the mix applying should be not more than 24 hours.

2. The grout mix preparation

Pour the Antigidron  Mark1 powder into the reservoir in a quantity needed to be consumed within 60 min after water addition. The drinking water is to be added to the grout by stirring in two steps:

For a brush use 0.19 – 0.3 l /kg ratio 
For a spattle use 0.16 – 0.19 l /kg ratio 

The Antigidron Mark 1 can be prepared manually or mechanically. At first a minimum quantity of water prescribed is added, then the mix is to be stirred to obtain a homogenous mass, then the mix should be set for 3-5 min; and stirred once more and the water is added again (if necessary) to obtain a working mix consistency not exceeding the water/Antigidron ratio prescribed above.

NOTE! An enhanced water addition impairs the operating performance.

The Antigidron Mark 1 can be prepared manually or mechanically. At first a minimum quantity of water prescribed is added, then the mix is to be stirred to obtain a homogenous mass, then the mix should be set for 3-5 min; and stirred once more and the water is added again (if necessary) to obtain a working mix consistency not exceeding the water/Antigidron ratio prescribed above.


  • in adding an enhanced water quantity impairs the service performance of the mix;
  • in 3-5 min stirring after water addition the Antigidron  Mark 1 mix is diluted.

If Antigidron  (water-added) is in a prolonged use it is recommended to stir the mix additionally to reduce its plasticity but water addition is prohibited.

3. Antigidron  smearing

Antigidron Mark 1 (smeared by brush) prior the base layer or the repair mortar enhances the protection since it increases the adhesion to the surface treated (mineral/metal). Besides, Antigidron  Mark 1, smeared by a brush, posseses high protective properties and can be applied to carry out water - proofing operations independently.

Damp the surface pre - treated to get water saturation, then the surface is to be treated by Antigidron  using a brush. The brush for smearing must be rigid without leaving hair. The consumption for the Antigidron Mark 1 for a brush application depends on the quality of the surface treated and the consumption for a flat surface is 0.8 kg/m2 for a layer with the depth of not more than 0.5 mm.

Seal the dents, slits, recesses, cracks, joints with a repair mix of Antigidron‑VL50 not earlier than 2 hours after the treatment. Wet the surface with water to obtain a full saturation of the surface treated prior smearing a repair mix.

The base layer of the Antigidron  Mark 1 is smeared by spattle (2.7 kg/m2 consumption, the layer thickness of 1-1.5 mm) perpendicularly to the first layer smeared by a brush not earlier than in 3 hours. Prior smearing the base layer of Antigidron the surface is sure to wet not to imbibe the water more. In the case of a poor surface wettability it is recommended to damp this surface with the water of 1-2% car shampoo-additive or a liquid soap.

REMEMBER: the reactive chemicals can penetrate into the concrete, rock, brick as a water solution, as the deeper the surface treated is impregnated with water, the deeper the active chemicals can penetrate through the surface and hence the water - proofing will be more reliable. Antigidron  layer must be hermetically smeared on the surface, especially in the sites of joints (adjoints), communications outlets, etc. the steps “to cure” and waterproof the surface should be performed from top to bottom.

In special cases the way of Antigidron  Mark 1 application (by brush or by spattle) as well as the quantity of the layers smeared depend on the water pressure on the surface treated. The standard ways of Antigidron  Mark 1 applying for the surface treated and the water pressure are given below:

Water pressure, MPa The ways of Antigidron  smearing and the quantity of the layers smeared 
Is not available Two (interperpendicular) layers (0.3-0.5 mm thickness and 0.8 kg/m 2 consumption for each layer) using brush
Less 0.2
(for most cases)
One layer (0.3-0.8 mm thickness, 0.8-1.2 kg/m 2 consumption) (by brush) another layer perpendicular to the first one (1-1.5mm thickness; 2.7 kg/m 2 - consumption) (by spattle)
0.2 and more
(to 1.2)
One layer (0.3-0.8 mm thickness, 0.8-1.2 kg/m 2 consumption)-(by brush) other two interperpendicular layers (1-2 mm thickness; 2.7 kg/m 2 consumption) for each layer (by spattle)

IIn particular cases there is a need for additional wetting of the surface treated while smearing without water adding into the mix prepared.

The time interval for two layers at smearing when the second layer is to be smeared not elarlier than in 5 hours after the first one was spread, and the surface is to be damped prior smearing the layers.

4. Safeguard and maintenance 

The mix has been applied (media humidity less 90%), the surface treaded by Antigidron should be damped for 3 days, not lees than 2 times per day. If the consumption of Antigidron is increased (more 5 kg/m 2 ) the damping operation of the surface should be prolonged for 4-5 days.

NOTE! One should prevent overdrying the surface treated by Antigidron  during the first 24 hours!

  • Do not work with Antigidron  Mark 1 at the temperature lower 5°C or if the temperature drops less 5°C within first 12 hours since the mix application.
  • Do not work with Antigidron  at the temperature higher than 40°С.

Safety precautions

Antigidron  is nontoxic, fire and explosion - safety but has also low - alkali properties that can cause skin irritation.
The standing orders for safety precautions in the plastering works must be observed:

  • use rubber gloves;
  • put on protective eyeglasses;
  • if the mix hits in the eyes or the skin, rinse them thouroughly. In other more serious cases consult a medical expert.
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